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Pesach Prep… Again?

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Rachael posted:

Wow, it’s Pesach prep again. I feel like I was just blogging about Pesach prep.  I don’t mark the year by when the school year begins for my kids, or by my birthday or any of the usual markers, but somehow when it’s Pesach prep I can’t believe that a whole year has gone by.


I also know Pesach is getting close because everyone I speak to has asked me if I’m ready for Pesach yet.  Every time I get asked that question I get a pang of panic flash through my stomach.  Then my head kicks into the conversation and reminds me that there is still a full week to complete the job.  I think the question ‘are you ready for Pesach yet?’ should be in the same category as ‘hot enough for you?’ or ’so when is that baby due?’  All of these questions have no correct answer to them.


For instance, ‘am I ready for Pesach?’ is always answered with ‘no’.  I can guarantee that I’m never ready for Pesach, there will always be one more thing I could have done, one more wipe of a cabinet, one more shopping trip, one more dish to prepare, one more SOMETHING. So, no, I’m never ready.  I think I can also confidently answer the question about the heat with a resounding ‘yes’.  Yes it is hot enough for me.  I am not a heat loving person.  Because I’m fair I have to stay out of the sun and you can’t solve the heat.  When it’s cold you can always put on another layer but when it’s hot, well, there’s only so much you can take off.  While we’re on the subject…the baby is due when it’s ready.


Phew, I feel so much better.  Sorry for the rant but I have to release some nervous Pesach prep anxiety.  So when I go home today I will try my best to see my house as my lovely home rather than seeing it as one, big, giant cookie box.  I’m sure the holiday will be beautiful and I’m also sure that once Pesach is done, within the blink of an eye, it’ll be Pesach prep again.


Chag Samaiyach

Eating Out on Passover

Friday, April 9th, 2010


Passover is always a time of challenges, and in a secular world, observing the holiday takes work. In my family, we have always restrained from eating Chametz during the holiday and on nights when we’ve eaten too many Matzah Pizzas or run out of creative ideas we will eat out at restaurants, always avoiding the breaded, battered, or “leavened” options on the menu.

This past weekend, I was out of town visiting with family and was faced with the challenges of eating out on Passover. If you are one with a similar observance I am sure you can agree with me. The days were filled with deep thoughts, “can’t have this, can’t have that, don’t want to go there, can’t eat this there etc..” running down the lists of places to go and more importantly what we could eat if we go to a specific place. This experience really got me thinking about Passover and freedom. Sometimes we feel trapped by our usual routines. We go to the same restaurant where we eat the same meal every time. Passover serves as a reminder that we are free, and can actually redeem us from our enslaving routines. It gives us the ability to look at menus differently than we do every other week of the year, and allow us to try something new, something different than we might have previously picked, and bring us awareness of what we eat by looking deeper into those little description beside each option.

Just Try Getting Enough Groceries…

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Rachael Posted:

I hope everyone had a great Pesach - mine was a little challenging.  The actual holiday part was wonderful, the Seders were family filled with songs and wine and even a few insights linking past to present.  The part that was so challenging was that this year the Pesach yomtevs backed onto the Easter long weekend.  Just so we understand the issue…I live in a city where everything closes for Good Friday (most importantly for Pesach reasons - the supermarkets are closed).  Saturday is not a legal holiday but it’s Shabbat, I don’t shop.  Sunday is the one day when I can hope to find a supermarket open (remember that’s Easter Sunday so not everything is open for business).  Sunday night was the start of the 2nd yomtev - no shopping (again) but please notice - if I didn’t find an open supermarket on Sunday then there’s also no eating going on.  My daughter ran to a large supermarket chain on Sunday at 5 pm (the sign said it would be open until 6) just as the manager was locking the door.  She stood on the outside along with many other people and pointed out that the store was closing early.  The answer was that she should come back tomorrow (yomtev - good luck explaining that one through a locked glass door).

In the end she noticed some friends in the check out line of the supermarket and she quickly called them and read them a condensed (but essential) shopping list over the phone.  They ran around the store getting some fresh food for us and we managed.  Everything worked out alright but I have to say it caused anxious moments, lots of texting back and forth and last minute scrambling.

Between Pesach holiday occurring during the week, Easter occurring over the weekend, statutory holidays and figuring out the intervening days of Pesach, I came back to work with my head spinning and constantly thinking today was Tuesday (btw, it’s Thursday which means - yes - Shabbat is right around the corner).  Sometimes Jewish holidays can make your head spin.

Nothing beats a bowl of Matza Ball Soup!

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Uliana Posted:

Since this is my first Passover at the new house with just my husband and I, what do we cook? No more help from the sisters or moms, we are on our own here…

As the fear slowly set in, we decide to take on the challenge and make our first matza ball soup on our own.

What can I say? I never imagined that a semi-clear liquid with yummy matza balls out of a box could taste sooo good.

From that moment on we both agreed that this would be our breakfast, lunch and dinner dish over Passover… Not only for its simplicity when making it, but for the warm childhood memories it brings with each spoonful you take.

Nothing beats a bowl of Matza Ball Soup!!!

Using Mussar During Passover Prep - Rachael’s Reflection VLOG - March 25

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Rachael offers a suggestion on how to use Mussar to help with all the organizing and stress of cooking, cleaning and preparing for Passover.

What Does an Egg Have to Do With Passover?

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

“What is on the Seder Plate” takes you around the plate and explains the meaning and purpose for each object. Whether this is your first Passover or thirtieth Passover, you’re still bound to have a ‘aha’ moment after watching this video.

Pesach and the Flu

Thursday, March 25th, 2010


Pesach is around the corner and with my luck I had to get sick!!!

I cannot even begin to describe how many things are still left to do around the house, and all I can think of is my bed, hot tea and lots of meds…The long to-do list will have to wait just a little bit longer.

At a time like this I am so appreciative for having such a wonderful family who each year takes the responsibility to prepare the Seder meals.

Sooner than later a time will come where I will be the one preparing the meals…I am just so thankful that its not this time!!!

Selling Your Chametz

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

As Passover approaches, the question of how to sell our Chametz (bread products), and why are we allowed to sell it.

What do I Need for my Passover Seder Table?

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Rachael walks through the different items you’ll need in order to have a Passover Seder.

Selling your Chametz - Rachael’s Video Reflection VLOG - March 23

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

As Passover approaches, Rachael looks at the question of why some Jewish people sell their Chametz (bread products) and also offers an alternative idea of what you can do with all that Chametz.